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7 Trails to Try During Florida Bike Month

Bike/Walk Central Florida (BWCF) knows you’re always looking for new, comfortable places to cycle. And, because March is Florida Bike Month, now is as perfect a time as ever to get out there! A list of seven of our favorite places to cycle:


1. Seminole Wekiva Trail

Cady Way Cycle Track

This trail is perfect for serious, long-distance riders and casual, leisurely riders alike. And, linking Altamonte, Longwood and Lake Mary, the Seminole Wekiva Trail winds around everything from neighborhoods and restaurants to vibrant nature.

2. Cady Way Trail

Connecting Seminole County to Orange County’s Winter Park, the Cady Way Trail is right in the heart of Central Florida. And, it’s one of few in the area that features a section of cycle track. Whether you’re commuting or riding for fun, this trail is a great place to ride comfortably away from cars.

3. Shingle Creek Trail

A little farther south, the Shingle Creek Trail shines with great views and easy riding. The completely paved trail runs 12 miles south from Eagles Nest Park and continues into Osceola County.

4. Orlando Urban Trail

Orlando Urban Trail

Looking for something closer to downtown, restaurants and stores? The Orlando Urban Trail is bike and pedestrian friendly and runs right through the heart of the City Beautiful. It currently runs about four miles, but is set to eventually circle the entire metropolitan area.

5. West Orange Trail

For those dedicated, long-distance riders: The West Orange trail offers 22 miles of paved bike-friendly track. And, spotted with parking and facilities, the trail is extremely accommodating for any rider. If you’re looking for a bike adventure, it’s also part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail.

6. Lake Baldwin Trail

The Lake Baldwin Trail offers a more relaxed, neighborhood filled ride that any cyclist can appreciate. Circling Lake Baldwin, the park and trail are bike and pedestrian friendly. Plus, if you decide you want a little more than its 2.5 miles, you can hop right on the Cady Way Trail, which connects to it.

7. Bike 5 Cities Route

Bike 5 Cities 2019

Last on our list is the one and only Bike 5 Cities route! Now is a great time to try it out and prepare for Bike 5 Cities 2020 on May 9. The route is designed to connect all five municipalities in the greater Orlando metro, all on comfortable, bike-friendly roads and trails.

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