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Orlando Bike Coalition Adds Seven New Board Directors

This month, Orlando Bike Coalition (OBC) added seven new directors to their Board with a range of professionals passionate about safe bike infrastructure. Their new board members include Seth Clark, Beth Resta, Jorge Borrelli, Hannah Gutner, Emanuelle “Mani” Rodriguez, Erin Hearn, and Laura Hardwicke.

OBC President, Tim Hayes, summarized, “We are thrilled to have these new board members joining us during a time of incredible momentum for cycling in the City Beautiful. Our new directors bring diverse viewpoints, experiences and person-power to OBC that is going to allow us to become prominent activists for people on two wheels. We look forward to working with citizens, local governments, community organizations, and businesses in our quest to bring world-class bicycling infrastructure to Orlando.”

Florida natives and a variety of transplants from around the country, the new members bring expertise in advocacy, government, technical planning, community building, marketing, and more.

Seth moved from Pensacola to Orlando five years ago, bringing his communications and computer skills to Orlando and OBC.

Beth, a Philadelphia native and former San Francisco Bay Area resident, brings expertise in bike share systems, transportation equity, and communications.

Jorge is a longtime cycling advocate with decades of experience in bike trail planning for public and private entities.

Hannah is a Florida native who, growing up in a car-centric suburb, looks to help realize Orlando’s potential as a more multimodal city.

Mani is a Civil Transportation Engineer Analyst who is passionate about transportation and dreams of exceptional bike infrastructure for all.

Erin wants to work to improve opportunities for biking for wellness and believes in the power of physical exercise.

Laura is an Orlando native who, after a decade in Nashville, has returned to the City Beautiful to make it the city bikeable as the Vision Zero Project Manager for the city.

The new board directors will join Tim Hayes, Aaron Powell, Gordon Spears, Sarah Elbadri, Peter Martinez, and Seiji Schoppert.

As OBC continues to advocate for cleaner, greener, and safer ways to get around Orlando, we are proud to grow our Board of Directors. This diverse group of thinkers will bring a new perspective to Orlando. Moving forward, we hope to improve our local partnerships with other nonprofits and public entities to work towards the #thecitybikeable.

OBC will host a public interest meet-and-greet with both new and prior board members on October 12th at Sideward Brewing in Orlando’s Milk District. Details will be available on OBC’s Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/orlandobikecoalition.

About OBC: The Orlando Bike Coalition is a 501(c)3 organization advocating for the development of world-class bicycling infrastructure in Orlando, Florida.

Photo from left to right: Sarah Elbadri, Erin Hearn, Beth Resta, Gordon Spears, Jorge Borrelli, Hannah Gutner, Seth Clark, Laura Hardwicke, Peter Martinez, Aaron Powell, Not pictured: Seiji Schoppert and Emanuelle “Mani” Rodriguez