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Orlando Sentinel’s Scott Maxwell: 15 People Worth Watching in 2015…The Sequel

pedestrian-safetyPeople Worth Watching in 2015? Try PEDS. 
Why? Because drivers colliding with PEDS or PEDS darting in front of cars has become second nature in Central Florida. 
Orlando Sentinel‘s Scott Maxwell agrees and calls on leaders – and you and me – to take a stand for safe streets 2015. See his blog post below and check out his interview with Fox 35.

By Scott Maxwell-Taking Names 

My Wednesday column this week features “15 People to Watch in 2015.”The list — which you can read in its entirety here — included some of those poised to do big things, defining things (and maybe some dubious things) in the coming year.But it was by no means complete.So here are some of the other local folks who I think are worth watching.And I welcome your suggestions as well.U.S. Senator Bill Nelson. Florida’s senior senator from Orlando is used to being part of the power party. But that party ended last month when Republicans shellacked Democrats at the polls and took control of the Senate. It will be intreresting to see how Nelson maneuvers, now that clout is harder to come by.

Orange County School Board member Linda Kobert. Fund Education Now is an impressive grassroots and mom-driven advocacy group for Florida schools. They’ve advocated effectively from the outside. Now, though, Kobert (one of FEN’s founders) got herself elected to public office and has a chance to impact change from the inside. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Rollins College’s new president. For those counting, that makes three big-time vacancies on this list – when you include the SeaWorld and Darden posts on the main 15. (So, if you’re a CEO without a job who’s looking for warm winters, Centra Florida is looking pretty ripe.) Some of Rollins’ past leaders have emerged as leaders for the region at large. We’ll soon see what Rollins trustees have in mind.

Pedestrians.This one is literal … as in we should all be watching for pedestrians. Central Florida has the dreadful distinction of being the most deadly regions in America for pedestrians. Local leaders need to provide more walker-friendly options. But drivers also need to be more aware. Let’s lose this grim ranking in 2015.

Feel free to add some more folks who you think we should keep an eye on.

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To see full video interview, click here.

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