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Pulptown Q&A: 127 miles and counting with Adam D’Angelo

When Pulptown challenged readers to up their bike riding for National Bike Month, Adam D’Angelo rose to the challenge and pledged to bike 300 miles in one month. The Pulptown team caught up with him last week to check in on his progress and put together a great Q&A. You can check out the original newsletter from Pulptown by clicking here. Don’t forget to subscribe to their daily newsletters – they compile some of the most important topics happening in and around Orlando.

Meet Adam

What are some awesome bike rides you’ve done this month?

I attended the Juice Bike Share’s anniversary party and rode in their guided group ride around downtown. I also rode in the Bike 5 Cities Tour, riding a total of 28 miles with hundreds of strangers ranging from kids to seniors from Mead Botanical Gardens to Orlando to Eatonville to Maitland and Casselberry.

How many miles on average do you usually bike?

Somewhere between 25 to 40 miles a day on the weekends and 10 to 15 miles most weekdays. I take at least one day off, if not two, throughout the course of seven days.

How did you start bicycling that much?

Well, it started out for health reasons. I wanted to be fit and healthy and I loathe running and hate the gym. Biking was the alternative.

What’s your favorite trail?

Most likely the Cady Way Trail to Little Econ and back. It’s roughly 38 miles. Living in Lake Como, the Cady Way trail is probably the most convenient trail for me. I jump on the Econ Trail at Forsyth. The trail leads you to the UCF area where I’ll do a lap around Spectrum Stadium and then head back home.

Any new discoveries since taking on our biking challenge?

Because of the Bike 5 Cities event, I was able to experience a few new trails that I hadn’t been on before. And then just last week, you guys did a piece on the West Orange Trail and I’m looking forward to tackling that one either this weekend or the next.

Have your views on biking changed since you took on our biking challenge?

Honestly, due to the recent weather, I’m actually behind on my pledge, but I’ve been thinking more about biking for convenience versus just taking long bike rides for health purposes.

When is the best time to bike?

Definitely early morning or late afternoons/nights with the summer already creeping up on us. In the spring, I can still go midday, but those days are fleeting.

Helmet or no helmet?

ALWAYS a helmet– better safe than sorry.

So, have you achieved your 300 miles of biking this month?

The weather has really put a damper on my mileage this month. So far I’ve ridden 127 miles, but am planning to get more miles in over the next few days.

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