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Orlando Sentinel: Ticked Off!

images-1Throughout the week, Central Floridians share their thoughts on things that make them mad in the Ticked Off! section of the Orlando Sentinel. Our safety-concerned friends share their experiences on transportation, biking, and walking – take a look at some of them below:

I’m ticked off at the man who was texting and driving on the OBT. When we were stopped at the light at OBT and Landstreet, I rolled down my window and asked him if he knew that texting and driving was against the law. He told me to “mind my business.” Well, buddy, that is my business since you are endangering my life and those around you by texting. It only takes but a second to be distracted and cause an accident. Put your phone down, knucklehead, and pay attention!

” I’m ticked off at the driver in the mustang making a right turn on red from Hoffner onto Conway Road that was so busy looking to his left that he did not have the courtesy to even look for pedestrians or bicycles coming from his right. Yes, I pounded on your bumper to get your attention, and to get your eye contact. I had the right of way (and the traffic signal), but I still went behind you because of your stupidity. You have a legal and moral responsibility to check for pedestrians both ways before making your turn. “

“Everyday, I am bombarded by low-intelligent, rude, trashy Floridian drivers. No one knows what yield means, no one seems to understand right-of-ways, no one seems to realize their vehicles come equipped with blinkers. Oh, and drivers take off after hitting parked cars/pedestrians every, single time. Florida just seems to be full of idiotic people blindly running into one another. “

“I’m ticked off that classless people who park on the sidewalk cause mother’s with their babies in carriages to go out in the street to get around the cars.”

“I get ticked off when I’m in the middle of a crosswalk, and you speed by, I’m not waving at you to be friendly, you idiot. I’m making sure you can see me even though you don’t seem smart enough to slow down.”

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