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BWCF Attends Rollins College Summit on Clean Air and Justice: Talks Active Transportation

We’ve all heard that there’s strength in numbers. When it comes to sparking change, it’s true that many minds are more powerful than just one. On February 21, many voices came together at the Rollins College Summit on Transformative Learning: Clean Air and Justice.

Rollins students were surprised to learn that the smallest actions – such as walking to the grocery store or riding a bike to class – can positively affect the world around them.

Bicycling is not just a pollution-free mode of transportation. Bikes require no gas, antifreeze or batteries that could leak harmful substances into waterways. They also conserve roadway and residential space – and that means less concrete and more green space in urban areas.

But bicycling is dangerous, one student pointed out. A tip from BWCF’s Amanda Day? Find a biking buddy – two sets of eyes can spot hazards more easily.

“We need doers overcoming fear,” she said.

Day, along with Yaritza Perez of Moms Clean Air Force, spoke on a panel in a breakout session on Civic Action for Clean Air. Perez focuses on finding other moms in her community and asking questions. She believes that change begins with talking to people around us and identifying what needs to shift.

“What keeps you going is little wins,” said Day, focusing for a moment on small, individual actions that add up.

Active transportation is one way to create opportunities to see the world and open conversations. We can each make a choice to walk or bicycle instead of driving, to take a deep breath and introduce ourselves to a neighbor – starting with just once.

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