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Rash of Ped Fatalities in Sept. & Oct.

Speaking of not looking out for each other, September and October saw a rash of ped fatalities across our three counties.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, 6 of the 8 reported accidents were women ranging in age from eight to seventy-two years old. Five of the eight were in the dark of night and sadly five of the eight resulted in a fatality.
There was news coverage, but lacking beyond that was the public outcry, that a homicide would typically bring.  As the crusaders for PEDS, we ask you “why?”  Why not the outcry?  People are being killed for doing something as simple as walking across the street.  We can point our fingers about who is at fault to pass the blame.  But, isn’t it more important to put your best foot forward and do something about it?  Step up, take action, save a life.  Contact Amanda Day, BFF Director, to join the BFF movement or invite us to speak to your business, organization, home owner association, or friends about what you can do to improve the safety for all people – walkers, cyclists drivers…