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Tips for staying safe while working out in Central Florida

Now that we’ve sprung forward, afternoons are longer, meaning that outdoor activities are probably creeping back into your daily routine again. A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel shared some great tips for staying safe while being active:

  1. Grab a workout partner – The buddy system is never a bad idea, and it’s always more fun to run with a friend!
  2. Keep the volume down or one ear open – Most people like to throw the headphones on and get in the groove during a workout, but it is important to remain alert at all times. If you do listen to music, turn it down so you can hear your surroundings or keep one earbud in at a time.
  3. Switch up the routine – Walking or running the same route every day can make people easier targets for potential attackers. Switch it up and enjoy some new treks.
  4. Wear reflective clothing – Bright or reflective clothing makes it easier for other people to see you (especially people driving).

If you want to get your outdoor fitness in but don’t have anyone to go with you, consider joining a local group. She Runs This Town and Moms Run This Town have a ton of chapters, including ones in Central Florida, and they are completely free. There are endless opportunities – just do a quick Google search and find what you’re looking for.

Stay safe and active this spring! Click here to read the full article from Katie Parsons in the Orlando Sentinel.

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