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Shingle Creek Goes Regional

shingle creekGreat news, trail enthusiasts! The Shingle Creek Regional Trail project is moving along. Partners from Osceola County, City of Kissimmee, Orange County, City of Orlando, and FDOT met at MetroPlan Orlando on September 23 for a joint Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Transportation Technical Committee meeting to discuss status, regional cooperation and funding opportunities for the Shingle Creek Trail.

While not as big as the 275-mile C2C when constructed, the Shingle Creek Trail project is a connection of incredible size and effort.  When fully constructed, it will span 32 miles through one of Florida’s most traveled urbanized areas. The completed trail will be a key north-south connector in a larger regional trail network that includes the West Orange Trail, South Lake Trail, Cross Seminole Trail, and Seminole Wekiva Trail.  The trail crosses through four jurisdictional boundaries – Kissimmee, Osceola County, Orange County, and Orlando.
Despite the enthusiasm and cooperation of the project members, securing funding piece by piece has its challenges. It’s been difficult to fund the entire trail as a whole. Yes, it a hot topic for discussion at the meeting.

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