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Custom street guidelines for Central Florida released

Smart Growth America (SGA) has released a series of recommendations about how to make a region safer through changes to land use, transportation decision-making practices and culture. Which region specifically? Central Florida, the heart of the state infamous for having the highest rate of vehicle/pedestrian injuries and death.

SGA’s Central Florida Complete Streets Report showcases the collaboration between groups dedicated to reversing this statistic. The recommendations are the result of three workshops focused on educating eight Central Florida organizations (including yours truly, BWCF) in the implementation of Complete Streets approaches to make the area more bike, walk and car-friendly.

The report points out that not all recommendations are for expensive, extravagant changes – improvements can be as simple as paint striping like in the image on the right. Stripes cue drivers to slow down and make a wide road feel safer for people who walk and bike. Already support for Complete Streets is growing – recently, MetroPlan Orlando launched a Complete Street study on Corrine Drive.

The best part? Recommendations from the Central Florida Complete Streets Report can apply anywhere.

Download the full report here.

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