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Want More and Improved Trails? Here’s Your Chance to Say So

Bikers and walkers vote with their feet every day, but sometimes getting in a word or two is just as important.  Orange County Parks and Recreation is updating its Trails Master Plan, and your input matters. Now through September 10, you can step into a virtual workshop to learn more about existing and planned trails. After exploring, take the survey to share thoughts and leave comments.

Why is this Important?

The current trails master plan was developed in 2012. So, it’s time for a little dusting off and updating. The master plan update will include the status of the existing trail system, identify future trail corridors and help connect gaps in existing trails. Safe and scenic trails support outdoor recreation, active transportation and contribute to the health, economic vitality, and quality of life.

“Trails are widely used in an important part of our infrastructure,” said Orange County Parks and Recreation manager Matt Sudemeyer. “We want to direct our planning and development to coincide with the ever-increasing use and popularity of our trail system.”

Clearly, trails have transformed Central Florida and beyond. Thousands have biked them and walked them. Maybe you have too. So, now’s the chance to make your voice heard as Orange County plans for the future of its trail system. Click here to learn more and provide feedback.

For more about trails in Central Florida, visit BWCF’s Trails, Maps, Routes, Rides Resource page.

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