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Bike 5 Cities Signs Become Permanent Fixtures in Casselberry

The City of Casselberry’s Public Works Department recently installed new wayfinding signs along the Greenway trail from Kewannee Trail to Wirz Park and S. Triplet Lake Dr. to Laurel Way, and this time there is a new symbol, the Bike 5 Cities logo. The city’s Deputy Public Works Director and City Engineer Dr. Kelly Brock greenlit the sign project after years of determining the route, the sign type and where to place them on the trail.   

“Casselberry is unique in that we can execute pilot projects such as this pretty quickly. We hope to inspire the other cities along the route to make Bike 5 Cities a permeant fixture on their trail wayfinding signs,” stated Dr. Brock.   

In 2017, GAI’s Community Solutions Group generously donated the time, staff and resources to create a wayfinding plan for which the cities and Bike/Walk Central Florida’s (BWCF) board and staff could implement.  “We will always be so grateful for the work that GAI and Pete Sechler’s team did for Bike 5 Cities. Without their support and efforts on the project, none of this would be possible,” said BWCF Chair and Bike 5 Cities Event Director Lisa Portelli.  

In launching the project, BWCF staff and board members along with staff from each of the Bike 5 Cities cities rode the route to determine sign locations and feasibility.  After the evaluation and several discussions, final recommendations were provided to each of the participating cities.  The City of Casselberry is the first to adopt the Bike 5 Cities permanent signs on their trails.

BWCF Executive Director Emily Hanna explained, “The whole intent of Bike 5 Cities is to help advocate for the use of our trails, and one way to do that is to educate and teach potential cyclists how to navigate the trails using wayfinding signage. 

Since the ride’s inaugural event in 2017, Bike 5 Cities has celebrated the local trail systems in our Central Florida community by using trails and slower neighborhood streets to guide riders around a 28-mile route through Winter Park, Maitland, Eatonville, Orlando and Casselberry. This year’s event will take place October 30, 2021, and will kick off FDOT’s Mobility Week, a week-long celebration of all different types of transportation modes. If you’d like to receive registration information, email [email protected] to be added to the mailing list.  

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