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Pedaling Toward Progress: Transforming Central Florida’s Cycling and Trail Infrastructure with Bike 5 Cities

Cady Way separated cycle track along Bike 5 Route

When Bike 5 Cities launched seven years ago, we hoped – and aimed – to have a lasting impact in the Central Florida community by encouraging individuals to ride their bikes to improve their health, support local businesses, and persuade decision makers to improve community connections and safe infrastructure. Our ultimate goal for the program is to one day see the Bike 5 Cities 30-mile route featuring entirely protected, safe, and comfortable paths for bicyclists of all ages and abilities.

Currently, in addition to trails, the route also runs through 8-foot sidewalks, regular sidewalks and street paths. Here are some of the ways we hope to see our cycle and trail infrastructure improved in the coming years:

  • Improve Safety with Intersection Improvements. Our Bike/Walk Central Florida team has identified 19 critical intersections along the Bike 5 Cities route that can benefit from safety enhancements. Many of these intersections see large numbers of daily traffic and are along roadways with posted speed limits ranging from 25 miles to 45+ miles per hour.
  • Improve Comfort with Tree Shading. A recent tree coverage study by Bike/Walk Central Florida identified areas that would benefit from enhanced shading to ensure a comfortable riding or walking experience for travelers. Trees such as Southern Live Oak, Southern Wax Myrtle and Tabebuia Tree would provide excellent shading and reinforce native species in the area.
  • Improve Navigation with Themed Signage. We have been working with cities throughout the Bike 5 Cities route to install signage geared at enhancing navigability and safety. The City of Casselberry and Seminole County have already added permanent signage marking the expanded 30-mile route. Signage plans include the following categories: directional (wayfinding) signs, safety signs at key intersections, and destination and distance signs.

Together with our city partners and supporters, such as FDOT’s Mobility Week, Dr. Phillips Charities, Kimley-Horn & Associates, Kittleson & Associates, VHB, and many more, Bike/Walk Central Florida and the Bike 5 event will accomplish meaningful, lasting change in the community for years to come.

To learn more about Bike 5 Cities and our upcoming event on Oct. 14, visit www.BikeWalkCentralFlorida.org/Bike5.  

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