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Central Floridians want safe alternatives to driving

MetroPlan Survey 2015 resultsGuess what – the majority of Central Floridians now agree that the Orlando metro area is too car-dependent.  Results from a recent survey of 1,000 residents found 93 percent of respondents want a more balanced transportation system in Central Florida.  Simply put, they want safe and viable alternatives to driving including more bus and commuter rail service.

MetroPlan Orlando, Central Florida’s regional transportation planning organization, conducted the survey earlier this year to gauge local transportation habits and attitudes.

While a whopping 96 percent of people surveyed still drive, more Central Floridians reported walking, biking and riding public transit as a part of their commute.  68 percent walked, 44 percent rode a bike, 35 percent rode the SunRail commuter train and 26 percent rode a LYNX bus.

Even as more Central Floridians are walking and biking, a majority of survey respondents reported they don’t think walking and riding a bike are currently safe transportation options. 92 percent of people surveyed said they feel it is important to invest in bicycle & pedestrian infrastructure especially to improve safety.

Read the full report and the PowerPoint presentation from the Sept. 9 MetroPlan Orlando Board meeting.

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