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Crossing Colonial without Worrying about Speeding Autos

The Orlando Sentinel reported that part of the Interstate 4 overhaul will include an $8.3 million bike/pedestrian bridge to cross traffic congested Colonial Drive. This bridge will connect the north and midtown sections of downtown Orlando and eventually link Gertrude’s Walk and the Orlando Urban Trail – creating seamless connections and improve mobility options.

The study’s intent is to “connect the gaps between where people are and where they want to go,” said top city planner F.J. Flynn.

It is part of the City’s greater plan to improve your bicycle commute – linking the 30 miles of segmented bike paths around the city.  As the city grows, more cars are on the road, and I4 Ultimate begins to happen, biking and walking are becoming more viable options for shorter trips.

Check out the I4 Ultimate Project Video to see what is in store for Downtown Orlando for the next six years.

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