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GoPros and Flying Drones

AR.Drone-06-bEver heard of helicopter drone cameras?

The new technology is bound to affect how we explore the world.  The famous GoPro provided a means of no-hands, all action video shoot, bringing extreme sports up-close and personal. Helicopter drones will bring video footage to the next level. Check out this breathtaking footage of mountain biking in Sweden.

Our friends at Cycling Savvy use videos to show vignettes of conflict points a cyclist may encounter on the road.  Using new technology to show real life educational experiences is changing the face of classroom learning.  Sign up here to get your bicycle education rolling.

Recently, a cyclist wearing a GoPro captured the moment a vehicle struck her on a pedestrian bridge in Virginia.  Because of her bravery and ability to show video footage, the incident became the impetus for a VDOT policy change to disallow contractors to drive on the ped bridge.

If you invest in a GoPro or heli-drone, BWCF wants to see your cycling footage! Post it to our Facebook




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