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Operation Best Foot Forward — Stats Say It All

Did you catch Operation Best Foot Forward in the news last
week? Orlando Police Department and Orange County Sheriff’s Office enforced the state crosswalk law punishing offenders to the tune of a $164 fine.  That’s what it costs drivers if they fail to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, as required by Florida law. Take a look at the results from Operation BFF Enforcement Week:

  • 6 hours
  • 13 marked crosswalks enforced
  • 204 vehicles refused to yield to a ped in a marked crosswalk
  • 128 verbal warnings given
  • 130 tickets issued at $164 plus 3 points on the license

Why now?  More than 180,000 students back to school means little PEDS are traveling to school by foot, bike or skateboard twice a day. To remind drivers of this as well as the important Florida yield law, the enforcement initiative Operation Best Foot Forward ramps up its efforts in late August and early September.  While monitoring the crosswalks, OPD and OCSO are on the lookout for those PEDS who walk or run into the path of vehicles or do not obey pedestrian signals or use crosswalks at signalized intersections.  Those violators may face a $64 fine. Checkout more photos of Operation Best Foot Forward.

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