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Orlando Sentinel – Letters: New Trails Good News For Healthier Residents

Cyclist, West Orange Trail in downtown Winter Garden croppedOne Orlando resident gets it – the local trails are useful in so many ways, but one of those ways is as an outlet for community members to get outdoors in a safe environment for some exercise! Family bike rides, romantic weekend strolls – the possibilities are endless. Check out Dori’s letter to the Orlando Sentinel below:

New trails good news for healthier residents

Thanks to the Orlando Sentinel for the article “Cool day to try new trail” on Friday, about the extended trail in Sanford.

These public investments in convenient, aesthetic walking and biking trails are truly appreciated by residents who seek healthier lifestyles and safe outdoor experiences to relieve stress from busy lives.

Today more than ever, these trails are integral to improving community health by giving residents a means to becoming stronger in body, mind and spirit.

The return on investment of these minimal tax dollars will pay off in many ways for many generations.

Dori Madison Orlando

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