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City of Orlando releases 2015 report on number of people biking/walking

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.29.54 PMWe know that people who walk and ride their bikes in Orlando matter – but how can they if we aren’t even counting them? Data talks.  It helps BWCF advocate for projects that make our neighborhoods more bikeable and walkable.

And the City of Orlando is working to make sure people who walk/bike Orlando truly do count.

Fresh off the press is a 2015 report on bike/ped counts at select intersections and trails across the City (counts the total number of people walking, running and riding bikes).

Best Foot Forward for Pedestrian Safety has already monitored some of these intersections and trails for driver yield rates (see our latest report here) including:

  • Central Avenue & Lake Avenue,
  • Virginia Drive & Orlando Urban Trail
  • Lake Underhill Road & Palmer Street near the Lake Underhill Path
  • Kirkman Road & Major Road
  • Lake Baldwin Lane & Almond Lane near the Lake Baldwin Loop
  • Goldenrod Rd. & Cady Way Trail (in Orange County but on the Cady Way Trail segment)

But we still need baseline data on the number of people biking and walking these areas, which is what the City of Orlando is working to capture. See the details below.

Overall highlights:

  • First time the City of Orlando has implemented a bike/ped counter program – 2015 focused on collecting baseline data
  • 12 bike/ped count locations in 2015 (7 trails & 5 intersections/crosswalks)
  • Best Foot Forward for Pedestrian Safety has or currently monitors 6 crosswalks at or near  count locations
  • 18 bike/ped count locations planned for 2016 (9 trails and 9 intersections/crosswalks)

Trail network highlights:

  • 5,264 average daily users
  • 165,563 average monthly users
  • Most popular days: 1) Sunday, 2) Saturday & 3) Tuesday
  • Busiest trails: 1) Lake Eola Park, Lake Baldwin Park, & Lake Underhill Path

Note: Counters do not differentiate between people walking, biking or running. Numbers indicate total users of all types.

2015 count sites and date measured:

June-July 2015
Orlando Urban Trail
Lake Eola Park

July-August 2015
Lake Baldwin Loop
Cady Way Trail

August-September 2015
Gertrude’s Walk
Lake Underhill Path

September-October 2015
Central Boulevard and Lake Avenue
Church Street and Orange Avenue (NE Corner)

October-November 2015
Church Street and Orange Avenue (NW Corner)
Church Street and Orange Avenue (NW Corner)

December-January 2015
Shingle Creek Trail
Kirkman Road & Major Boulevard

Proposed 2016 count sites:

Lake Eola
Orlando Urban Trail
Shingle Creek Trail
Orlando Southeast Trail
Lake Underhill Path
Cady Way Trail South
Lake Baldwin Loop
Gaston Edwards Trail
Gertrude’s Walk

Orange Avenue
Central Boulevard
Parramore Avenue
South Orange Avenue
Mills Avenue
Kirkman Road
International Drive
Semoran Boulevard
Colonial Drive

Click here to view link to the full report.

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