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Newsletter / Safe Routes to School

Skateboard Racks – The New Normal

Along with updated classrooms and crosswalks, Lake Silver Elementary School has added gated bike racks and even skateboard racks to their sparkling new campus. How cool is it to see schools embracing other forms of mobility for our little peds? Did you know that this is actually a requirement for new OCPS Elementary Schools?  It’s in the OCPS Elementary School Standards, found here.

The new crosswalks and racks got plenty of use on back to school day, August 18th. Parent volunteers coordinated to greet students, showing them to the bike racks – conveniently located at both school entrances.

The sidewalks near Rio Grande Avenue were flooded with parents and children being directed by Orlando Police Department (OPD) as they crossed the busy streets. A big thanks to OPD and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for enforcing the safety of all!
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