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Staff Blog: Womaning the BWCF table at Highwoods Transportation Fair


The transportation fair today was not quite what I expected.  I have never been to Eola Park Center before, and I was pleased to arrive to a moderately sized office building on the edge of Lake Eola.  I arrived early around 10:10, wanting plenty of time to put the table together.  I showed up to a small lobby and walk to the security officer’s desk in the corner.  I giddily asked where the transportation fair was setting up and she said, “Right here.”  I turned to the right to see four tables set up in a row outside the elevators.

I was joined by LYNX/LYMMO, reThink, and 511 (Traffic Info all the time). Although we were only in vision of those leaving for lunch, customers/clients entering the business, and service workers (at max 100 people in 4 hours), I managed to uphold quality conversations with about 15 individuals who understood our purpose and supported our mission.

In the beginning I had quite a bit of information laid out on the table, and I thought it was becoming overwhelming for those just passing by (at a more fair like events the trinkets are more appreciated).  So, I narrowed the materials to the most important and simplified my approach.  I focused on the question cards Joan created: What is an intersection or crosswalk that needs improvements?  This really started to get people talking.  In fact, the parking garage across the street is part of the Robinson 1/2 mile yield zone we have talked so much about.  I met a woman whose boss was hit by a car crossing the road last week.

In the downtime, it was lovely to make friends with those representatives from reThink and from Lynx/Lymmo.  At other events, it is more a of a competition to get the attention of the audience, but the small space and the transportation focus allowed us to all work in unison. Each of our spiels led the person to the next table, tying the initiatives together and explaining each organization as part of a whole.

Overall, a great day with our new BFF’s celebrating the well-connected future of Orlando!

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