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Daily Commercial: Rise in Lake County pedestrian deaths is alarming

Counties across the state have been struggling to remove Florida from the top-rank of most dangerous state to be a pedestrian. Recent information shared from the Daily Commercial highlights that while we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go. Read about Lake County’s pedestrian […]

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Begin easing into fall with the Camp Boggy Creek Challenge Ride

Cooler weather, football season, and pumpkin everything – it’s almost time. The fall equinox doesn’t happen until September 23rd, but you can start easing into the season with the Camp Boggy Creek Challenge Ride in Lake County on September 12, 2015. The ride features routes of 40 and 60 miles, […]

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Orlando Sentinel: Plan, cooperate to make roads safer for bicyclists

Orlando Sentinel Editorial Lake County promotes its friendliness to recreation, especially cycling, where one can pedal for miles on rolling green hills. The county’s motto is “Real Florida. Real Close” — though presumably that doesn’t mean face down on the asphalt. Yet that’s the threat felt by some bike riders […]

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Round and Round: Roundabouts are coming to Central Florida

Ready or not, roundabouts are coming to Florida. And it’s best to be ready for them. Last year, the Florida Department of Transportation adopted a roundabout policy and is encouraging its use on future road projects, directing other areas to build at least two roundabouts within a five-year span. Lake […]

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Orlando Sentinel: Tensions grow between bicyclists, motorists on Lake County roads

Orlando Sentinel By Dan Tracy Animosity appears to be growing between thousands of motorists and hundreds of bike riders who take to the hilly country roads of south Lake County each weekend. Recent Facebook postings encouraging motorists to be rude to riders and some close calls between cars and bikes […]