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Water Springs Middle School Rallies for Road Safety

Water Springs Middle School, with its growing student body of over 650, has quickly become a hive of youthful energy since its 2022 opening. However, a recent survey in October 2023 flagged some safety issues: almost 150 students bike or scooter to school, over 100 walk, but worryingly, many students forgo helmets. This has led to numerous near-misses, fueling alarm among the school community.

Our Bike/Walk Central Florida organization heard the community’s concerns loud and clear, and we knew that education was key to prevention. In partnership with the school, we spearheaded a Safety Day on Thursday, March 21, directly addressing these issues. It was an ambitious event, bringing targeted safety training to over 600 students, right where they’re most engaged—in their P.E. classes.

Throughout the day, our team delivered detailed instructions on biking regulations, roadway laws, and the critical importance of helmet usage. Interactive helmet fitting sessions provided a hands-on experience to reinforce the safety discussions. It was empowering to see students go from passive listeners to active participants, eager to learn how to stay safe. We circulated more than 400 educational pamphlets and digital resources, ensuring that the students’ support systems at home continued the dialogue on safety. But most importantly, we provided over 150 helmets to those students who were previously without, directly addressing the immediate risk.

The participation of District 1 Commissioner Nicole Wilson underscored the importance of the event, while the collaborative effort between staff, leaders, and students showcased the community’s collective responsibility in safeguarding our youth. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to champion safety education at Water Springs Middle School and hope to expand this essential program to additional schools.

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