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WalkSafe kicks off poster contest for safety

It’s that time of year again – WalkSafe’s Poster Contest is in full swing. This annual contest uses kiddos’ creativity to turn a typically bland subject (yawn, safety) into a work of art that promotes safe biking and walking. Posters were submitted through the students’ school and the deadline for submissions was Friday, November 30. Winners will be announced in February of 2019 and we look forward to seeing all of the creativity.

Schools throughout Florida have the opportunity to showcase their students’ knowledge on pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Participants will use their imagination to illustrate the ideal practices for walkers, bikers and everyone in between. Whether it be crosswalks, bike lanes or walkable towns with large green spaces, students are asked to be creative, original and to use an array of colors. Check out some of last year’s winners here.

Looking forward to another year of fun artwork from our little peds and cyclists.

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