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Wheels Turning for the Second Year: Rollin’ & Strollin’ Bike Rodeo Wraps Up!

The Orange Blossom Trail Development Board and Bike/Walk Central Florida are proud to recap the second annual Rollin’ & Strollin’ OBTNext Bike Rodeo that took place this Saturday, May 18, 2024 at the Grand Avenue Neighborhood Center. With the continued mission to equip our community’s youth with the skills for safe cycling, the event built upon last year’s success, making it a beacon of learning and enjoyment for both seasoned participants and newcomers alike.

The neighborhood resounded with the sounds of encouragement as our little cyclists navigated through skill stations designed to teach the essentials of stop-start, signaling, and navigating twists and turns with confidence. These stations, staffed by dedicated volunteers and partnering organizations such as ASHA Planning (FDOT), ensured a blend of fun and vital road safety education.

This year’s standout achievement was the generosity of the Florida Freewheelers, whose kind contributions brought joy to many young faces. Their donation allowed us to gift bicycles to deserving youths, providing not just a mode of transport but a sense of freedom and responsibility. Along with the cycles, we fitted helmets and imparted valuable safety knowledge, making sure that every participant was not only geared up but also clued up on how to ride smartly and securely.

Thanks to Florida Freewheelers’ generous donation, OBTNext brought joy to 37 riders with new bikes!

The event’s success was also boosted by Pedal Driven Co., who ensured bicycle safety with thorough checks and maintenance for all bikes. Their contribution was key to a safe and enjoyable experience, highlighting the importance of community involvement in promoting bicycle safety.

Gary from Pedal Driven Co. expertly adjusts a bicycle to fit its new owner perfectly—precision in action!

As we wrap up our second annual event, we are filled with gratitude for the incredible efforts of our volunteers and partners. Their dedication was the cornerstone of this event’s triumph, ensuring that every moment was as engaging and safe as possible. Our heartfelt thanks to all who volunteered; your support was vital in crafting a successful and memorable event, taking us leaps and bounds closer to realizing our dream of a safer cycling community.

Our team of volunteers who were the true driving force behind a successful event.

Stay tuned to our website for more on how we’re rolling ahead with future events and initiatives. Together, we’re not just cycling; we’re cultivating a legacy of safety and joy on two wheels.

For those interested in learning more about the initiatives and work of the OBT Development Board, which was central to this event, please visit obtnext.com for further information.

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