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Yes on Amendment 1 = Protecting Florida’s Water, Wildlife and Way of Life

amendment 1That’s right.  Our very own Scott Maxwell – the savvy, spirited and 
somewhat shrewd Sentinel columnist – recently voiced his support of Amendment 1.  So what is Amendment 1? If passed, it will allocate about 1-percent of the state budget to ensure resources are available to maintain Florida’s natural areas, parks and recreational trails. We are talking Everglades restoration, keeping drinking water clean, protecting our beaches from development, and maintaining the hundreds of miles of bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly trails traversing our state.  
The Florida Water and Land Conservation amendment to the state constitution will be on the ballot November 4.  Or, if you are eager to cast your vote, early voting is now open.  To learn more about Amendment 1, visit http://www.voteyeson1fl.org.

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