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Should bus lanes be shared with people biking in Orlando?

Photo courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel.

Photo courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel.

Orlando has come a long way in accommodating cycling, adding bike lanes and paths throughout the city and providing public property for a growing bike-share program.

Now, an editorial in the Orlando Sentinel is calling for bus-only lanes in downtown to share space with cyclists.  Lynx, which operates buses in downtown, has nixed the idea, saying it is not safe.

“This is not mission impossible,” the editorial said. “The design of the signals can be changed if necessary. Rules for bicyclists can be established and enforced. Cities where buses and bikes share lanes can suggest ways of surmounting any other obstacles.”

The paper’s stance was triggered by an article written by Kevin Spear. He pointed out that Jacksonville, Seattle, Philadelphia, Austin, Texas, and other cities allow bikes and buses in the same space.

Among those who support consideration of the concept locally are: former Orange County Mayor Linda Chapin, founder of Bike/Walk Central Florida; Harry Barley, director of MetroPlan Orlando; and Aaron Powell, founder of Orlando Bike Coalition.

Read the original article from the Orlando Sentinel that sparked the discussion here, and the Orlando Sentinel’s Editorial Board stance on the subject here.

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