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Florida Bike Educator of the Year (2021)

Roni Wood, Community Outreach Specialist with Bike/Walk Central Florida, was named the 2021 Florida Bicycle Educator of the Year by Becky Afonso, Executive Director of the Florida Bicycle Association. The award ceremony took place alongside the City of Orlando’s Bike to Work Day Celebration on March 25, 2022. A transcript of Becky Afonso’s speech presenting Roni Wood the award is below.

Roni has an all too familiar story of being hit by a motorist while legally crossing a crosswalk. She spent a week in a hospital and more than a year in physical therapy. She recovered, decided to turn the experience into a positive, and started volunteering at Bike/Walk Central Florida. Her passion and determination earned her a part-time job in Community Outreach.

Roni is a certified bicycle helmet fitter and is outspoken about dangers of careless drivers to people walking and riding bicycles. She is an example of paying it forward, and paying it forward to save lives!

If anyone here is familiar with the phrase data driven… remember that Roni herself was a statistic, but thankfully she survived and found the strength and courage to share her story. Pay attention to this story. Pay attention on the roadway. Pay attention to care for the lives of others. We can do this. For ourselves. For Roni. For each other.

It is my honor to present Roni our 2021 [Florida Bike] Educator of the Year Award.

Meet Bike/Walk Central Florida’s Roni Wood here.


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