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Cyclist’s feel construction should help more than storm drainage on Bumby Ave

Bumby Ave. closed

According to the Orlando Sentinel, construction to install storm drainage on Bumby Avenue will last until December 2016. The $7 million project, closing the stretch of Bumby Ave. between Colonial Dr. and Corrine Dr., will ease flooding and allow stormwater to quickly drain. But what makes cyclists frustrated about isn’t the closed roads – it is about the lack of construction being done to help improve bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

Heavy traffic and little room for cars to get around cyclists makes Bumby a “dreaded” bicycle route. Easing the minds of those who dread this route, there is talk of building a 10-foot path along Bumby, as a separate project from road construction, to serve pedestrians and cyclists.

“Our goal is to take advantage of the current timing of the Bumby project and find a way to get this off-street bike path also constructed and complete by the end of the Bumby project.” Spokeswoman Cassandra Lafser said.

The full article is available at Orlando Sentinel.

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