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Facing the Numbers

largestThe bearer of bad news. The 2012-2013 bicycle crash data is out and it reports that all three counties – Orange, Seminole and Osceola – have seen double digit increases in bike fatalities and injuries when compared to 2007-2008.  Let’s take Orange County first.  In 2007-2008, bike crash totals in Orange County averaged 388, but in 2012-2013 averaged 525.  That is a 35% increase.  Seminole County bicycle crashes were close behind with a 40% increase and Osceola reported a 21% increase.

Why? Some report there are more cyclists on the streets; others point to changes in the Long Form crash reports. We would like to hear from you.  Go to Facebook and tell us why you think bike crashes are on the rise.

Thanks to our partners at MetroPlan Orlando for a thorough analysis.

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