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FDOT’s 2015-16 budget includes $38.3 million for bike and pedestrian trails

Photo Credit Meredyth Hope Hall

Photo Credit Meredyth Hope Hall

Gov. Rick Scott signed the 2015-16 Department of Transportation budget, on June 23, which totals $9.9 billion. Of that total budget, $9.1 billion of it supports the Transportation Work Program and funds the construction and maintenance of Florida’s roads, bridges, rails, seaports and other public transportation systems.

Here’s a few highlights of the breakdown:

  • $38.3 million for bike and pedestrian trails;
  • $168.3 million for safety initiatives;
  • $492 million for transit program improvements; and
  • $657.5 million for resurfacing more than 2,510 lane miles.

Bike trails and pedestrian pathways are an important alternative to diversify transportation networks. As a healthier and more sustainable option to commute to work, get to school, and recreate, trails are becoming a high priority. In addition to connectivity, recreational trails foster healthy communities appealing to both residents and visitors. FDOT is working closely with local partners to invest in interconnected and regionally significant trails.

Safety is an important component of every project and integrated into the engineering and design of the transportation system. The department plans and invests in projects to correct hazardous conditions, and reduce vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists.

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