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Google is Teaming with Bike Share Companies

Google will already show you how to get from downtown Orlando to Park Avenue in Winter Park using a Lynx bus or the SunRail, and now they just made it easier to locate a bike share so you can jump on and take off.

Dockless bike share bikes are popping up all over greater Orlando. You’ve surely seen the bright green Lime Bikes, but now you can look out for blue HOPR bikes and soon, possibly red Uber JUMP bikes. As of now, Google has only integrated Lime into its Maps app, but hopefully soon others will be included.

Available on both Apple and Android devices, users can view nearby Lime e-bikes on Google Maps by tapping the transit icon. To unlock the bike, they can then choose the Lime bike option, which will transfer them to the Lime app. Orlando is one of 80 cities where Google has integrated Lime bike share into its Maps. The suggestion is a great way to encourage people to opt for a bike ride. It even compares costs between options like Uber and Lyft.

Bike share makes it easy to use a bike to get where you need to go (rather than driving your car), without having to store or maintain a bike. It’s as easy as finding the nearest bike, unlocking it with your phone, and taking a ride. When you’re done, just park it in a location where it’s not blocking a road or a sidewalk.

You can hit the trails or use Orlando’s Bicycle Beltway—ride for fun over the weekend, or use it to commute to work. Don’t forget that Google also has easy-to-access cycling route directions. If you visit Google Maps, type in where you’re going, and select the bicycling option. Then click get directions. Much like when you ask for directions in your car, Google will suggest several options – just choose the best one to get you where you need to go. Happy riding!

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