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Bike injuries on the rise – stay safe with these tips

Riding your bike is an awesome way to get around. It is great for your health, good for the environment, and, most importantly, a ton of fun.

With more and more bicyclists out on our streets and trails in Central Florida, bike safety continues to be a critical issue and a top priority for Bike/Walk Central Florida.

As we advocate for bike-friendly policies and infrastructure improvements, bike safety also begins with you.  Educate yourself on bike laws and the rules of the road. Take a bike safety class.  Always wear a helmet and reflective gear.  Use front and rear lights when riding in low-light conditions.  Map out your bike trip beforehand to determine which routes you are most comfortable with.  Be visible, assertive and always on the lookout.

If you are driving a car, be mindful of bicyclists around you riding on the street, in a bike lane, or on a sidewalk or trail.

Let’s all share the road and make our streets safer for everyone. Thank you to Ybeth Bruzual with News 13 for this recent story on bike safety.

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