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Honoring the Tenure of Visionary Leadership

Lisa, front and center, leading her final ride at last year’s Bike 5 event.

As 2023 came to a close, Bike/Walk Central Florida bid farewell to distinguished legacy board members, Lisa Portelli and Rick Geller, as they concluded their terms. This departure marks a pivotal moment of transition as the responsibilities of leadership are handed over to the next generation..

The contributions of Rick and Lisa to BWCF have been nothing short of remarkable. As forward-thinking advocates passionately committed to safer streets, their efforts have been instrumental in groundbreaking projects such as the Denning Road diet initiative and the Cady Way Cycle track. They spearheaded transformative policies, including an amendment to the Orange County School siting ordinance, enabling high schools to be sited in urban neighborhoods conducive to walking and biking.

Lisa’s role was particularly significant in establishing our flagship Bike 5 (formerly Bike 5 Cities) event and routeā€”a lasting legacy underscored by her influential partnerships and unwavering dedication. Her adept advocacy and networking culminated in the Bike 5 Wayfinding plan, generously contributed by the GAI Community Solutions Group. This plan has led to the installation of Bike 5 route markings in the City of Casselberry and Seminole County, with Orlando and Winter Park ready to do the same. Lisa’s dedicated efforts were instrumental in elevating the significance of this event, establishing it as a key fundraiser that supports our organization’s mission year-round.

Our gratitude to Lisa and Rick is profound; their wisdom and passion for our mission have left an indelible mark. As we bid them farewell, we are confident that they will persist in their advocacy for safe, vibrant, and walkable communities and their legacy will continue to inspire our journey forward.

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