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Making Waves and Protecting Cyclists: New Bike Lane Engineering

Arlington, VA is making waves in the cycling community after it rolled out a new prototype for a protected bike lane.

Last month, the National Bike Summit was held in Arlington, and city engineers showed off what could be the future of bike-friendly engineering. The theme of the conference was SHIFT: Accelerating the Movement to Build a Bicycle Friendly America for Everyone.


These “Wave Delineators” separate the bike lane from the regular driving lanes more effectively than the traditional flexiposts. They were temporarily installed on Potomac Avenue south of its intersection with Crystal Drive, where the bike lane was previously unprotected.

The manufacturer also touts them as a great solution if cities need temporary bike lanes for a weeks-long or weekend event.

A different type of barrier popped up a few away at Eads Street and 22nd Street. These “BikeRail” barriers look similar to flexiposts, but you’ll notice a metal rail connecting the posts. That rail increases the protection from cars.

Both bike lane barriers were just temporary for the summit, but we think it’s something that could make the City Beautiful safer… and a little more beautiful for cyclists.

What do you think?

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