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Region Focuses on Pedestrian Safety as 2019 Report Is Released

As Smart Growth America releases its latest Dangerous by Design 2019 report — again ranking Central Florida as one of the most dangerous places for people to walk — regional officials, advocates and organizations continue to work together for pedestrian safety.   Read more news and facts from BFF coalition […]

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Orlando Sentinel: Orlando No. 1 again for pedestrian deaths

The Orlando Sentinel takes a look at Central Florida’s “grim and longstanding reputation as the nation’s riskiest place to walk along roads.” Click here to read Kevin Spear’s article on the Dangerous by Design 2019 report.

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Orange County opens new Pine Hills Trail Shade Station

Orange County Parks & Recreation, the Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District and guests officially cut the ribbon on a new shade station on the Pine Hills Trail. Located at the corner of Silver Star Road and Golf Club Parkway, the shade station and surrounding landscaped area will give walkers and […]


Fun on a budget: CFL activities that won’t break the bank

Are you looking for fun things to do in Central Florida, but also trying to stay on budget? Look no further – check out the following outdoor options, which keep spending to a minimum, help you get active and give you the chance to enjoy some of Florida’s great weather. […]

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Take your time – Always look for pedestrians

In a recent Orlando Sentinel column, a local resident shared that they were “ticked off” that drivers were taking too long to drive after a light turns green: “I get super ticked off when people wait 3-5 seconds after the light turns green to move their car usually followed by lollygagging […]