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Thrilled the USDOT is coming out PRO-PED

In front of more than 1,000 attendees at the Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place conference, the U.S. Department of Transportation officially announced that they will commit themselves to providing safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists under their “Safer People, Safer Streets” Action Plan.

FoxxAs stated by U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, “Safety is our highest priority and that commitment is the same regardless of which form of transportation people choose.” He admitted that as a nation, we need to become more committed to reversing the recent rise of pedestrian fatalities and injuries and reduce our dependency on the automobile.

To do this, the US DOT Administration has identified four areas of focus, including infrastructure safety, behavior safety and education, vehicle safety, and improvements in data collection and analysis.  There will be an increased focus on the rise in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure including separated bike lanes, and comprehensive solutions in and around transit.

Furthermore, they will utilize current technology for the advancement of the greener modes of commute.  For years bicycling advocates have been asking for more and better data on bicyclists’ trips and crash data – and finally, US DOT is willing to deliver. The 2015 Traffic Monitoring Guide (TMG) and the Traffic Monitoring Analysis System (TMAS) will for the first time, also be able to receive bicyclists and pedestrian counts.

A federal focus on these initiatives should further compel local planners and engineers to provide a more comprehensive form of transportation planning. Meaning, more cycle tracks, road diets, complete streets, and sidewalks for those who prefer to commute without a car.

To us, this is a no brainer.

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