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No need for ‘Fountain of Youth’ – cycling may keep you young

When it comes to aging, there isn’t much that we can do – each day, we get just a little bit older. One thing we may be able to change? The way our bodies adjust as we age, according to a new study.

This past week, a New York Times article shared information about a recent study conducted on cyclists. Scientists wondered – are the immune systems and muscular components of older cyclists different from other, non-active people their age?


The answer is good news for those of you who are tackling life with two wheels. Research showed that the elderly cyclists (ages 55-79) had “reflexes, memories, balance and metabolic profiles that more closely resembled those of 30-year-olds than of the sedentary older group.” In an additional study, they also found that their muscles had retained their size and that their immune systems were much better than that same group. All from living active lifestyles on their bikes.

Older cyclists are not like most of the rest of us. They are healthier. They are, biologically, younger.

So, if you needed yet another reason to get your daily dose of exercise in, you’ve got it. We may not be able to slow down the clock, but maybe we can slow down our bodies’ aging process – and why not have fun on your bike with friends and family while you’re doing so? We definitely think it is worth a shot.

To read the article from the New York Times, click here.

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